Greenhouse Design
Graceful curved glass greenhouses, or elegant straight-eave Victorian style greenhouses, our American Classic models are as esthetically charming as they are practical. The unique blend of style and strength-of-design, creates a wonderful greenhouse growing environment able to exceed every national greenhouse building code.
Full-length ridge vents, automated by thermostats and motors, are standard on every American Classic greenhouse. Heat strengthened and tempered glass is standard, and insulated glass and triple-wall polycarbonate are available for extreme cold climate greenhouse installations.
Greenhouse Sizing
From private estate greenhouses, orchid greenhouses, to average backyard garden greenhouse applications, there is an American Classic greenhouse model for every application.
Free-standing American Classic Greenhouses are available in the following widths: 9' 13' 15' 17' 20' 25' & 30'. Lean-to American Classic greenhouses are available in widths of: 6' 8' 10' & 12'
Each width model greenhouse is available in dozens of different lengths (see our greenhouse catalog).
Greenhouse Installation
Installation of your new American Classic greenhouse is available all across the United States, by the most experienced and skilled greenhouse professionals in the country, to ensure your greenhouse project is finished to perfection. 
Getting Your Greenhouse Project Started
Our experienced greenhouse consultants will help guide you through determining the proper heating and cooling options for your application. Complete drawings are provided for each greenhouse model, including foundation plans, equipment layouts and specifications, etc. Contact us for a complete quotation for your greenhouse project.
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